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The Regressive Second Year

By Tisaranee Gunasekara - Sun Jan 08, 12:07 am

Photograph via The Star

“…to yourself a thing shameful but bringing joy to the enemy.” (The Iliad)

On January 8th 2015, Lankans voted not only to elect a new president but also to transform governance. The mandate Maithripala Sirisena received two years ago was not a personal one; he was the symbol of the political culture he promised to build, one which was more accountable to the people, less self-indulgent, more democratic.

The transformational change President Sirisena was expected to work towards was fourfold – resuscitation of democracy, a more even-handed economy, a governance less corrupt and more law-abiding and reconciliation (inclusive of justice and a political settlement). From South to North, people wanted an end not just to the Rajapaksas but also to the Rajapaksa way of doing things and being in the world.

In its first year the new administration lived up to this promise….

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