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Ban Ki-moon Said Of Course UN Scheduler Was S Korean, Now Open Application

By InnerCity Press - Wed Dec 28, 8:15 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, Fifth in a Series UNITED NATIONS, December 27 — In the final days of Ban Ki-moon’s decade as UN Secretary General, covering up genocides in Sri Lanka, Burundi and Yemen and evicting the Press which asked about (t)his corruption, Inner City Press is reviewing Ban’s end, year by year. See also this Twitter Moment.After Inner City Press questioned Ban putting so many South Koreans on the UN payroll, Ban replied in part that “Of course, the Director of the scheduling office is a Korean, but he is not senior.”Ban’s “of course” seemed strange then, and stranger now. For incoming Secretary General Antonio Guterres, the scheduling job is being put out of public competition, until January 13, see here. And it is at the “D1″ Director level. Is that not senior?  In 2006 after Ban was given the job since he was NOT “God’s gift to humanity,” even then he was criticized for close business links with Myanmar, by Djoko Susiloamong others. As it turned out, Ban Ki-moon’s brother Ban Ki-ho would do mining and other business in Myanmar, after being on a “UN delegation.” Ban Ki-moon’s nephew Dennis Bahn is said to have used his uncle’s name and position while trying to sell real estate in Vietnam….

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