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From ‘Api wenuwen api’ to ‘Aba Saranai’: Snapshots of ten years

By Randhula de Silva - Tue Dec 27, 2:30 pm

Photograph courtesy Sri Lanka Guardian

When Sanjana came up with an offer too tempting to pass, I accepted with the knowledge that rolling out the significant junctures of the past decade and reflecting them upon the future was going to be a daunting task because in my short life span lived so far; it definitely was the most significant decade in too many diverse ways.

The window seat view

Looking back at the past ten years my memory is vibrantly stuck on one key incident which took place in 2006 and I think it’s most appropriate to unroll the story from that point on. It was the year I finished school and soon after orchestrated by my mother against my will to intern at a private organization situated at the Piththala junction. The most important reminiscence I carry with me of my internship there was bearing eye witness to the attack on the most powerful bureaucrat of the Sri Lankan government back then, the Secretary of Defense Gotabaya Rajapakse on 1st December and missing sharp nail injuries thanks to the shatter proof window I was sitting by. There’s much debate on who is responsible for the attack to date.

A country at war

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