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Ceylon’s First Moor Journalist

By Ramla Wahab-Salman - Sun Dec 18, 11:42 pm

Photograph by author, from the National Library and Documentation Services Board, Colombo. 

The Muslim community is at the centre of news each day- rarely for the right reasons. The unfolding of the Islamic State has shown the worst ways in which  religious identities could be abused. The conflict in Yemen reveals that even the guardians of the religion’s most sacred sites are capable of inhuman violence against co-religionists. It is not simply a case the perpetrators of ungodly acts of violence in the name of religion. The Syrian victims of conflict, the Palestine question, the decades long Kashmiri struggle and Rohingya refugee crisis are among examples within Asia of a people at the centre of global political questions and crimes against humanity. At home in Sri Lanka, the narratives of displacement of Muslims over the civil war and rise and fall of tensions over safety and security in a global context of Islamophobia contribute  uncertainties of a peaceful future of coexistence. Each of the examples mentioned above have their own historical, economic and socio-political narrative and counter-narratives. However one underlying factor remains that majority of the peoples embroiled in these conflicts have either been born to, practice or identify with the religion of Islam at different levels….

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