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Lankan Refugee Family is on an Indefinite Fast in Tamil Nadu

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Dayanraj (35) lodged in the Special Refugees Camp at Tiruchi, his wife Udayakala (32) and daughter Dhilsiya (4) housed in Mandapam refugees camp are on fast since Thursday.

The family is demanding the release of Dayanraj, who has been in the special camp for about a year, police sources said on Sunday. According to a senior police official, Dayanraj is likely to be deported to Sri Lanka where he is wanted in a few criminal cases.

It is believed that as many as one lakh Sri Lankan Tamil refugees are living in camps or outside in the State. At least 19 refugees are lodged in the special camp at Tiruchi charges of specific offences.

Besides, a large number of refugees, who managed to reach Tamil Nadu through various ways and means, are living in various locations without registering with the competent authority. They constantly make attempts, along with registered refugees, to reach countries like Australia, France, Canada and Switzerland, the sources added….

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