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The Ampitiye Sumana Saga and the Political Economy of Temples

By Nadia Perera - Wed Nov 30, 7:10 pm

Among the Buddhist monks to rise to fame (or infamy) in Sri Lanka in recent times, the 47-year-old Venerable Ampitiye Sumanarathana Thero from the Batticaloa District is surely the star of the moment; admired and perhaps even envied, by many. A viral video of the Ven. Sumana’s barrage of choice expletives directed at a Tamil civil servant has made him a social media sensation. Previously the Ven. Sumana starred in videos where he attempted to assault a Policewoman and went on a slapping spree after demonstrating his formidable command of Sinhala obscenities.

If this rise to fame was insufficient, a recent video[1] by YAMU, a food review site, reviewed the Ven. Sumana’s latest performance. It has since attracted more vitriol in one week than the many banal reviews have over YAMU’s entire existence and propelled the Ven. Sumana to greater fame….

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