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Inner City Press Asks IMF of Zimbabwe – Loans Not Sure

By InnerCity Press - Fri Mar 18, 12:03 am

WASHINGTON, March 17 — When the International Monetary Fund held is biweekly briefing on March 17, Inner City Press arrived with questions on Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka and Jamaica.

 But it was not a normal briefing: it started with a paper about the International Monetary System, leaving the ten journalists — all male — present to fight for time to ask their questions.

  An excellent — the best – Greek journalist asked about Greece; Ukainian TV asked about a quote from Victoria Nuland then fought for question time with TASS. A Brazilian journalists asked if there will be a program.

  Inner City Press jumped in with the Zimbabwe question, since the head of the Central Bank has been saying the country will get a loan up to $984 million in the third quarter.

  Not so fast, IMF Deputy Spokesperson William Murray said. He had a long if-asked, which we’ll insert here later. The upshot is that Zimbabwe still owes too much money, and despite support from (some) other states as an IMF meeting in Lima, the rules are the rules. At least for Zimbabwe.

 Inner City Press also asked Murray to acknowledge that the windfall profits made off Argentina by vultures Singer and Dart wont’ inevitably incentivize more predatory behavior….

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