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Keeping the Lunatic Fringe in the Fringe

By Tisaranee Gunasekara - Sun Jul 24, 12:51 am

Photo courtesy Tamil Guardian

“What we must pursue…is not a competitive bruising arena for the claims of ideology or religion, but an open marketplace for both ideas and faiths.”

Wole Soyinka (Convocation Address, Wake Forest University – 1999)

July 2016 could have become a very small-scale reproduction of July 1983, attacks and counterattacks, panicky actions and fear-filled reactions, hysteria, mayhem and some murder. It didn’t because this July the lunatic fringe was not bestriding the politico-societal mainstream, calling the shots, firing the shots.

Every society has extremists who live in their own created realities, some less harmful than others.

Pastor John Hagee, an American evangelical preacher decried Rock and Roll as “Satanic Cyanide” and condemned Harry Potter books for “opening the gates of your mind to the Prince of Darkness”[i]….

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