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By Dr. Paikiasothy Saravanamuttu - Tue Jul 12, 11:30 pm

Image courtesy TJ Sri Lanka

There is no getting away from the issue of international participation in the accountability mechanism, specifically that of foreign judges.  The 2015 Geneva resolution co-sponsored by the Sri Lankan government explicitly allows for this in terms of the active participation of internationals but does not spell out their precise role.  The issue keeps surfacing with the highest in the land opining that there will not be any foreign judges on any special court. The President’s remarks have been echoed by the Prime Minister.  He has always maintained that the decision of his previous government not to sign the Rome Statute has saved the necks of the former regime and clearly demonstrated his fidelity to national sovereignty.  It is left to the Foreign Minister to engage in damage limitation from the perspective of the resolution, international and some domestic expectations.   His explanation has been that the President has been voicing a personal opinion and that no decision on the issue has been taken.  It will be taken after consultations with all stakeholders.  Presumably it will also be taken some time into the future or at the earliest by the March 2017 sessions of the UN Human Rights Council at which there will be a comprehensive report and debate on the 2015 resolution….

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