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(Re)conceptualising Reconciliation: Transitional Justice in Sri Lanka

By Dr. Sujith Xavier - Tue Jul 05, 1:05 am

Featured image courtesy Sydesian

Transitional justice is a popular term in present day Sri Lanka. It is the means by which the various parties to the conflict have decided to bring about justice and reconciliation. The reason behind this move to employ transitional justice is two-fold. First, the international community, especially the United Nations, failed to intervene during the final stages of the conflict in 2008 and 2009. In fact, the United Nations specialised agencies did the exact opposite and pulled out of the North and East of Sri Lanka during this time, leaving the civilians at the mercy of the parties to the conflict. Second, the previous Sri Lankan government was unresponsive to the demands for justice.

Transitioning from a violent past to a peaceful future is the central focus of the dynamic field of transitional justice. Transitional justice seeks to understand how forward movement, from times of acute, often violent crisis, is possible….

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