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BBS threatens a repeat Aluthgama

By Hilmy Ahamed - Sat Jun 25, 3:44 am

Featured image via South China Morning Post

I have been accused by many in comments to my articles that I continue to write about the pogrom in Aluthgama and Muslims while the Tamils have had to undergo state terrorism during the 30 year ethnic conflict.  For them, the two deaths and billions of rupees worth of damage is minor compared to the death of over 200,000 people and the trillions of rupees damage wrought during the long drawn ethnic violence against the Tamil population. While one cannot justify another, it is important that we as a nation learn to deal with our differences and live as a strong Sri Lankan community, celebrating our religious and cultural diversity.  No one, not even Buddhist monks should be allowed to act with impunity and to cause violence or take the law in to their own hands.

Sri Lanka has seen in recent history thugs in saffron robes who don’t respect the laws of the land, and who act with impunity, leaving a trail of destruction, not only materially but also destroying good relations between communities.  Successive governments continue to either encourage, or at least, look away while these so called priests engage in hate and violence.  There is an urgent need to reach out to the moderate Buddhists who do not subscribe to this saffron violence.  The majority of peace loving Buddhists in this country should act to stem religious hate and violence and ensure that law and order prevail, since Sri Lanka is a nation that prides in its rich cultural traditions and Buddhist values….

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