Wednesday, February 21, 2018 06:20:14 PM

Omar Mateen’s imam says he was known at the mosque for being aggressive

By David Lawler - Sun Jun 12, 10:13 pm

Dr Rahman said when he heard the news from Orlando, 90 minutes to the West, he prayed that gunman would not be a Muslim, and was shocked when it turned out to be, “not only a Muslim, a Muslim from here.”

Dr Rahman said he had not feared Mateen could be radicalised, because he had worked security and gone to the police academy.

“He was working security, he was working for the police department, so we assumed there was a background check. Why would we think anything like that? We were thinking that he might be a safety factor for us,” he said.

“Our impression was the family was very pro-American, that they were maybe more aligned with American than us,” he added.

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