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Tamils In Exile Ready To Testify

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New Report States Tamils Who Fled War Also Seek Accountability

by Easwaran Rutnam

Yasmin Sooka

Exiled Tamil victims of alleged war crimes and torture say they would testify by video to a special court in Sri Lanka only if international judges were involved and their identities protected, says a new study. This comes as Sri Lanka is under scrutiny at the Human Rights Council in Geneva next week for its progress in implementing a transitional justice programme it outlined nine months ago and agreed to in a consensus.

“To our knowledge this is only the third time – after Sierra Leone and Liberia – that victims outside a country have been consulted during a transitional justice process,” said its author, Yasmin Sooka,

“It’s important that thousands of Tamils who’ve fled Sri Lanka have a voice, especially as some are the only known surviving witnesses to alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity”.

“Victims interviewed in the study clearly identified their top priority as criminal accountability, including the prosecution of those who were in positions of superior and command responsibility….

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