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Justin Welby will vote to remain in the EU

By Press Association - Sat Jun 11, 9:25 pm

The Archbishop of Canterbury has thrown his weight behind the campaign to remain in the EU, saying Britain should be “a country for the world”.

Warning against “succumbing to our worst instincts” over immigration,  the Most Reverend Justin Welby,  said he would vote to stay in on June 23 to avert economic damage that could harm the poorest.

The head of the Church of England, writing in the Mail on Sunday, said he had no “divine hotline” and that he expected to receive abuse for taking a position in the fraught national debate.

But he said “a vision of peace and reconciliation, of being builders of bridges, not barriers” was one of the principles at the heart of the country’s Christian heritage.

“It is not said with the desire to tell others how to vote,” he wrote.

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