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Mapped: Where are people most at risk of genocide and mass killings?

By Raziye Akkoc - Thu Jun 09, 1:00 am

MRG said that Middle East and Africa dominated their index, noting that ”Iraq, South Sudan, Libya, Turkey, Ukraine and Azerbaijan were among the most significant risers”. The organisation warned that the situation was getting worse with increasing threats to people’s daily lives.

“Peoples under Threat demonstrates that although the prediction of mass killing has improved substantially since the 1990s, prevention mechanisms are still woefully inadequate. In particular in 2016, there is a global failure to address the needs of highly vulnerable internally displaced populations, making new refugee flight only a matter of time,’ Mark Lattimer, MRG’s executive director, said.

“Just in South Sudan and Iraq, for example, there are five million internally displaced victims of ethnic or sectarian persecution, but the UN’s crisis response plans are barely one-quarter funded. Meanwhile, the situation in the two most significant refugee embarkation points for Europe, Libya and Turkey, is rapidly deteriorating,” Mr Lattimer added.

Ukraine and Libya moved six and five places up in the index, reflecting the deteriorating situation in the countries….

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