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How Hillary Clinton made history and became the first female nominee of either party

By Rob Crilly - Mon Jun 06, 11:01 pm

It also means that her historic achievement as the first woman to become the nominee of one of the two major parties (assuming nothing changes before it is rubber stamped at the party convention next month) was earned the hard way.

Her team showed it had learned lessons from Barack Obama’s upstart campaign, building a grassroots network, keeping the lid on infighting that caused her so many problems last time around and competing in every state no matter whether it was winnable or not.

Most important of all, however, was the principal (as Washington’s political hacks are wont to say).

When things got tough, when conservatives were ganging up on her or when Bernie Sanders was threatening to engulf her with sheer momentum, Mrs Clinton rose to the occasion with a string of bravura performances.

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