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Frenchman arrested in Ukraine ‘planned string of Euro 2016 attacks’

By Tom Morgan - Mon Jun 06, 11:51 am

The intelligence source said that the Isil attack on May 13 on local Real Madrid supporters gathered to watch old matches and 16 of whom were gunned down was a “post card sent to the Euro”.

“It’s a direct message. It was perhaps meant to frighten us, in which case it has succeeded in doing so,” he said.

One terror attack would see three quarters of the Euro teams go home, and a pledge of fresh ones would kill the tournament altogether, he warned.

Security officials are concerned about “soft targets”, in particular fan zones – cordoned off areas in ten cities around France where supporters can watch the games on giant screens.

On Monday, Olivier Feray, head of one of France’s top private security firms, Prosegur, in charge of security at Olympique Lyonnais stadium where six Euro matches will take place, said that personally it was “out of the question to take my kids to a fan zone”….

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