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Falklands dilemma for UK as US favours Argentine candidate as next UN Secretary-General

By Harriet Alexander - Sun Jun 05, 2:00 am

Since being appointed foreign minister in 2015, Ms Malcorra, has played down the significance of the Falkland Islands dispute in UK-Argentina relations, but has never stepped back from Argentina’s ownership claims which are enshrined in the country’s constitution.

In an interview with a British newspaper on a visit to London last month, Ms Malcorra described bilateral relations generally as 80 per cent good, 20 per cent bad, but added that when it came to the UK “with the Malvinas it is clear where the 20 per cent lie”.

On May 12 she met Philip the first bilateral meeting between foreign ministers from the two countries in over 14 years, and less than a fortnight later Mr Macri formally announced his country’s candidacy for the Secretary-General role.

A well-placed source within the Casa Rosada – Argentina’s presidential palace – told The Telegraph there was no secret pact between Ms Malcorra and Mr Hammond, although the Telegraph understands her candidacy was discussed during “pleasantries” at the end of the meeting.

British diplomats have remained extremely cagey on the issue, given the sensitivities. Matthew Rycroft, the British ambassador to the UN, has – like his other P5 colleagues – remained neutral on all the candidacies….

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