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And the moon sheds a drop of blood

By Brian Jeganathan - Sat May 28, 9:58 am

Photo by Louis Cahill

In January last year, I visited Mullaitivu. Since it was after dusk, I decided to find lodging just for one night. During the day, I had the opportunity of listening to the horror stories of local Tamils who were caught in the final onslaught on Mullivaikkal and the alleged massacre of civilians in the government’s bid to decimate the LTTE, and institute its writ over the whole country.

The horrors of that war, conducted in secrecy without any witnesses, is now an open truth shouted out from the rooftops. Then, and even now it is considered a success story from a military and patriotic perspective, and a quintessential lesson in counter-insurgency, which the then government was eager to trade as an export commodity.

However, since May 2009 – Nanthikadal, Mullivaikkal, and Pudu Mathalan – these ordinary names and their semantics have assumed Holocaust-proportion. Yet, the human depravity that produced such horrors have been obscured in the tribal triumphalism of war, while the abominable human sacrifice still remains buried deep down in the sands of Mullivaikkal and the blood-stained waters of Nanthikadal lagoon….

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