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In the Aftermath of Floods: Reflections on Flood Aid and Youth-led Mobilization in Colombo

By Nethra Samarawickrema - Fri May 27, 4:08 am

Last weekend was Vesak, but the streets of Colombo were uncharacteristically quiet. In place of the usual crowds pouring out onto the streets to view the lanterns, and the rambunctious dansals distributing food to passers by, a sombre mood settled across the city. Over the past week, Sri Lanka was hit by the worst floods since the 2004 Tsunami. No one had been prepared for the rains, which came at the heels of a heat wave that parched the earth, dried up the rivers and tributaries, and left Sri Lankans across the country sticky, sweaty, and disgruntled.අම්මෝ පුදුම රස්නෙයි! ஐயோ! சரியான சூடு! When the skies finally opened up, many of us welcomed the rains with open arms. After months, the heat finally abated. Everything was green and glowing….

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