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‘Sinhala Ravaya’ colony in Jaffna, outcome of US-Indian policy

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SL President Maithiripala Sirisena, genocidal Sri Lanka’s occupying Sinhala military, the Special Task Force (STF) and Colombo’s ‘National’ Housing Development Authority (NHDA) have all joined hands with a Sinhala-Buddhist extremist group, ‘Sinhala Ravaya’, in extending the Sinhala military colony at Naavatkuzhi, which is situated at the entry point to the Jaffna peninsula. In recent days, the Sinhala colony has received a new name board, naming the village as “Sinhala Ravaya Gama” (Sinhala Ravaya Village). What is practically evolving after 7 years of Mu’l’livaaykkaal tells the actual agenda of USA and India, commented political observers in Jaffna, urging the affected nation of Eezham Tamils to identify and act against the ultimate culprits and their ‘vision’ of genocidal handling through Agent States.

Why can’t Sinhalese live in the North like Tamils live in the South, is an absurd question, asked by people defending the genocidal ‘unity’ of the island. Tamils could never have a ‘Eezham Tamil Voice’ colony in the South and that makes the difference in the parity of the nations in a genocidal context, the political observers in Jaffna commented further.

A ‘top-level’ Sinhala Buddhist delegation, consisting of 8 members, is currently visiting the village under the protection provided by the Sinhala military and the STF.

More lands have also been seized for the expansion of the colony in total silence and the absence of protests during the last year.

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