Wednesday, February 21, 2018 06:10:43 PM

Bannatyne gym worker seen ‘refolding dirty towels and giving them back to members’

By Lexi Finnigan - Thu May 26, 4:12 pm

“People have noticed. When I take towels up I get comments from members like, ‘Here comes the towel man, what’s going to be on them today — skid marks?”

Mr Edo, who has been signed off sick since last “I feel it is in the well-being of the general public to know.”

A spokesperson for the Bannatyne Group told the Telegraph the company had taken disciplinary action, suspended workers and re-checked the way the system was working.

The spokesperson added: “The company is appalled if members of staff have acted in such a manner which is against company policy.

“It has invested over £50,000 in new laundry equipment to ensure the highest standards….

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