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EU Referendum: David Cameron warns vote for Brexit is ‘morally wrong’ and will cost over 800,000 jobs as Boris Johnson attacks Treasury ‘propaganda’

By news - Mon May 23, 10:14 am

David Cameron was asked a good question at his Q&A with B&Q workers in Hampshire: if leaving the European Union is such a bad idea (risking war, another recession, 820,000 job losses, a plunging pound etc) why as Prime Minister is he having it.

This is his reply: “In terms of holding a referendum it is a pledge that I made and for good reason.

“We have been in this organisation for 40 years, people of this generation have not been able to make a choice about whether to stay or to leave.

“Europe has made changes over the years and you can’t hold a country in an organisation against its will.

“So I think we should welcome the fact that we are having this big sovereign decision by the British people, but I don’t want anyone to be in any doubt that the view of the British Government very clearly is that we are better off, we are stronger, we are safer, if we stay.”

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