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Some suicides are never recorded

By Indrani Balaratnam - Sun May 22, 9:31 pm

[Editor’s note: This is the first of a series of poems submitted by the author as entry criteria for the Write to Reconcile Programme, which brings together emerging writers with the goal of writing fiction, memoirs or poetry on the issues of conflict, peace, reconciliation, memory and trauma in Sri Lanka, post-war.

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Some suicides are never recorded.
She stared at the pill in her hand
Reflecting on all that she had done,
On all that she thought it would be.

Her family hated the Tigers:
The reconciliation of violence with freedom
Was one they could not legitimise.
Her words were her weapons,
Her books, soaked up her fire.

“Their cloth is not the same”
A polite way to reduce
A 26 year war; decades of inequality
Into nothing more
Than mere caste….

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