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Enforced disappearances in Sri Lanka: Legacy and ongoing challenges

By MCM Iqbal - Thu May 19, 12:36 am

Featured image courtesy TamilGuardian

(This is an abridged version of a presentation made at a meeting at the University of London on 25th April, 2016. The full version can be read here)

Enforced disappearance of persons remains one of the widely known human rights violations in Sri Lanka. The machinery that had been set up during the past to perpetrate such incidents appears to have slowed down as a consequence to the passing of a Resolution at the UNHRC in September, 2015. However, this machinery could be switched on again if those in authority so desire. Dismantling this machinery and destroying the remains, is a challenge the government has to face.

The government has to now deal with an untenable number of complaints of disappearances that have been lodged with various national and international institutions calling for help to trace those who have disappeared. A bulk of the complaints relate to either the disappearances of persons after being abducted, handed to the security forces by wives or other relatives in response to a call by the military during the closing days of the war, or of those who surrendered to them in the presence of witnesses….

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