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Tamil Genocide remembered in North

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17 May 2016

By Athula Vithanage

Defying intimidation by Sri Lankan armed forces, the Tamils have launched a Genocide Remembrance Week in the country’s war ravaged north and east while the government has announced a ‘war heroes month’ to honour its armed forces.

Northern Provincial Councillor MK Shivajiligam led the inaugural memorial on the 12th of May at Chemmani in Jaffna where a mass grave of Tamils allegedly killed by government troops was exposed in 1999.

Tens of thousands of Tamils killed during the bloody war will be remembered in a series of memorials held in the north upto the 18th of May, Shivajiligam told journalists in Jaffna.

The Sri Lanka government declared its military victory over Tamil Tigers on 18 May 2009.


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