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Our Foreign Minister who molded us

By Unknown - Sun Aug 16, 11:57 pm

We miss the Minister who groomed us. I think it’s the same feeling to all young diplomats (both ladies and gentlemen) whom he has recruited when he was the Minister more than 20 years ago.

It was 15 years ago, I was Commanding SLNS Sauyra , the flag ship of Sri Lanka Navy stationed at Colombo harbour. I had just returned from India after finishing my tenure as Defence Adviser at our High Commission in New Delhi. Our task was to sail into deep sea towards equator in search of LTTE arms smuggling ships. We use to patrol for 21 days and we were in harbour for ten days for our much deserved break.
I vividly remember the day. Friday 12th August 2005, that day we had our Inter Command Volleyball tournament at Welisara which followed with drinks and dinner. Our ships are “Dry” at sea (no liquor is served onboard when out at sea) and this party following the Volleyball tournament was a good opportunity to relax at best company after 22-days dry period.
It was around 9PM on that day, I received a call from Madura, the Personal Security Officer of then Foreign Minister Hon….

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