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Rebels Won in Southern Sri Lanka

By Unknown - Sat Aug 08, 1:33 am

Most of the Tamil Diaspora and Tamils in Jaffna do not have the intellectual capacity to understand and appreciate Mr.Sumanthiran’s Thinking & his “genuine” efforts. There is a lot of fake and malicious propaganda by the diaspora Tamils who do not have the commonsense and capacity to think rationally.

Rebellion by juniors against seniors is a continuous pattern in Sri Lanka. SLPP is a breakaway group led by the Rajapaksas, which won majority seats in Parliament in the 2020 Parliamentary elections. Likewise, SJB broke away from the UNP and won the position of Leader of the Opposition. They both confirm greater power allocated to juniors over seniors. To the extent the elections were orderly, and to me they were – thanks to the armed forces – one can read the natural mind structure of the group that has predominant power to elect a government. In the language of the ordinary person – it is child taking over the parent – invading parental position. Hence one is entitled to conclude that majority Sri Lankans are thinking they are promoting continuity of hierarchical leadership demonstrated by the Rajapaksa family….

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