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Opportunity for Sri Lankan Tamils to Revisit Their Priorities

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During the forthcoming election, Sri Lankan Tamils should clearly demand that the political parties campaigning for votes should submit their blue print for industrial , economic and social growth of Sri Lanka.
by N.S.Venkataraman
Yet another election will be held in Sri Lanka ,undeterred by the COVID 19 crisis. Though some sane voices have pleaded for postponement of election to a future date after the end of COVID 19 crisis, the powers that be in Sri Lanka have decided that election should take place now. Certainly, heaven will not fall if the election in Sri Lanka would be postponed by a few months. But, these days, all over the world, sane voices are seldom heard.

With election fever now gripping Sri Lanka, political parties and politicians are placing themselves in the forefront ,with COVID 19 crisis being relegated to the background.
The Tamil parties in Sri Lanka, which are quite a few now are campaigning and advancing several arguments, largely related to the past issues that confronted Sri Lankan Tamils. One of the prime focus point in the campaign is the genocide that has taken place during the civil war between Tamil rebels and Sri Lankan army….

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