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Northern Islands of Sri Lanka

By Unknown - Tue Jul 07, 1:15 am

Nagadeepa is a very important island, in the North, because of its religious significance to both Buddhists and Hindus. Thousands of Buddhist devotees, on every full moon Poya day, especially soon after Poson full moon Poya day, visit Nagadeepa.

There are a number of tiny islands in Palk Bay and Palk Strait. The biggest among them is Delft Island (Nedunthivu) with about 4,800 inhabitants. Another important island is Nainativu or Nagadeepa, and as per historical details, it belonged to the ‘Naga’ tribe, the ancient seafarers who were very wealthy. Other islands, in the North, are Karainagar, Kayts, Mandativu, Pungudutivu, Analativu, Eluvativu, Kakarativu, Palitivu, Iranativu (North and South) and the famous Kachchtivu (“tivu” means ‘island’ in Tamil). Kayts, Karainagar, Mandiativu, and Pungudutivu are connected by causeways of the Jaffna peninsula. You have to travel by boats to other islands. Most of these islands, other than Kayts, Karainagar and Delft, have very few inhabitants, most of whom are mainly fishermen. Due to their remoteness, these islands are very beautiful and well-protected….

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