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Politicising Archaeology, Militarising Virtue, Gaslighting the Electorate

Photo Gallery By Unknown - Sun Jun 14, 3:27 am

The election will not be free and fair. We have been warned in advance. The pandemic will be turned into a bridge for the SLPP to reach its heart’s desire of a massive electoral win.

“From now until the elections, we will not know when, and where, and how the fireball will fall on us, and what the nature of that fireball will be.”Arundathi Roy (Election Season in a Dangerous Democracy – The New York Review of Books – 3.9.2018)
The Eastern province is the most ethno-religiously pluralist slice of Sri Lanka. It is home to more Tamils and Muslims than Sinhalese; its predominant language is not Sinhala but Tamil; and it has more kovils, mosques and churches than temples. Homogenising the East has been – and remains – a dream of extremists of all stripes, from Sinhala-Buddhists supremacists through the LTTE to Wahabi fundamentalists. For anyone who wants to trade in ethno-religious strife, there’s no place richer with possibility than the East….

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