Sunday, February 18, 2018 01:16:43 PM

Ahead of elections, trucks with Rs 570 Crore Cash seized in Tamil Nadu

By India News, India Breaking News, Latest news headlines in India - Oneindia News - Sat May 14, 5:52 am

Rs 570 crore cash was seized in poll-bound Tamil Nadu’s Tiruppur district by the Election Commission. Although the cash boxes have not been opened yet, the drivers claim that the money was from the State Bank of India and was being transported to Vijaywada.

Supicion grew when the documents did not match with what the driver said. The Election Commission has formed an investigating committee to look into the matter. Chief Electoral Officer, Rajesh Lokhani said, “Vehicles have not been seized and the containers haven’t been opened. They are likely to be released soon if documents are in order.”

The Election Commission has so far recovered over Rs 100 crore unaccounted cash in Tamil Nadu since poll notification in March.

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