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Land Rights of Tamils and Elections

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The Judiciary on the other hand, connects to the origins of the Judiciary. In Sri Lanka, where English Law and Roman Dutch Law are the bases of Secular Law – the minds of the Judiciary would connect to our Colonial ancestors.

Taken that we recognize Time and Space as agents of change in form, if we freeze one and move through the other, we would reach the origin which is also the targeted destination. Indigenous folks, travel through time. Hence the dreamtime realities.

In any indigenous group – including many villages in Sri Lanka untouched by ‘secular law’, the laws applicable are strongly based on faith in their ancestors. This feeling of ownership in land is essential for true governance through democracy. Voters who connect to the leader through such faith of common living in land space known as the Electorate connect to the whole electorate. When that leader connects to the Parliament through its institutional values – s/he connects to the whole nation that the Parliament is led by.
The Judiciary on the other hand, connects to the origins of the Judiciary….

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