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Did President Request Prime Minister to Reconsider Appointments of Finance Minister Karunanayake and Central bank Governor Mahendran?

By - Wed May 11, 9:45 pm


Dharisha Bastians

Maithripala Sirisena travelled to London yesterday to attend an International Anti-Corruption Summit organised by the British Government.

The summit is aimed at ‘driving out the culture of corruption wherever it exists’. Some of the world’s most corrupt political leaders will flock to London this week, an irony that was not lost on British Prime Minister David Cameron who was recorded telling Queen Elizabeth II recently that the leaders of Nigeria and Afghanistan, two countries he referred to in the conversation as “fantastically corrupt”, would be attending the Anti-Corruption summit.

The Sri Lankan President attends the summit in London on a slightly different footing. As the reformist President who was swept to power on an anti-corruption, good governance and transparency platform, even one year later he continues to be recognised by the international community as a progressive politician trying to make Sri Lanka fit better in a world crying out for more transparent government.

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