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An 86-year-old’s serenity through music

Photo Gallery1 Photo By S. Savita - Mon Oct 07, 7:00 pm

Mariappan continues his passion for music in his golden years.

BRICKFIELDS: His hair lies in a perfect coif as his gold-framed glasses perch on his nose, quirky and cool. TN Mariappan sighs and shares a pensive moment from the terrace of his quaint and picturesque home in the heart of Brickfields.

Mariappan is an 86-year-old singer who has previously spent decades with the glitterati of the Indian music industry.

Notable names include KJ Yesudas, Jayalalithaa, the ex-chief minister of Tamil Nadu, MG Ramachandran. better known by his initials MGR, also an ex-chief minister of Tamil Nadu), RK Sekhar ( AR Rahman’s father), Gangai Amaran among many others.

Mariappan was born in Ayer Hitam, Penang and started showing an interest in music at the early age of three….

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