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In UN of Guterres Sri Lanka War Criminal in UN Security Promoted By Russian Under Michaud

By Inner City Press - Sat Sep 28, 10:09 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, Exclusive, videoUN GATE, Sept 24 — The United Nations under Antonio Guterres is so corrupt that it not only accepts “peacekeepers” from the Sri Lanka army run by war criminal Shavendra Silva – it’s had as as official of UN Security run by Gilles Michaud a man links to earlier crimes in Sri Lanka where Tamils were killed in the Madhu church: Parkrama Sriwardana. This while Guterres bloviates about protecting houses of worship. He is a hypocrite and a censor of the Press which asks him questions, including this one.  Guterres’ head of UN Security in Jordan is a man who conducted assassinations, perhaps even of Rafic Hariri, for Michel Aoun of Lebanon.  The UN Security official’s name is Antoine Abi Samra; he was a military officer under Aoun. He has been promoted and protected by one Igor Mitrokhin in the UN Department of Safety and Security, ostensibly run by Gilles Michaud. It is an outrage.      Inner City Press first asked Guterres and his spokesman Stephane Dujarric about Mitrokhin in connection with South Sudan, based on complaints it received from whistleblowers in the UN mission there, UNMISS.  With Dujarric and Guterres and his head of communications Melissa Fleming refusing to answer banned Inner City Press’ written question, it nevertheless asked then reported why “Igor Mitrokhin of UNDSS from Russia is pushing David Shearer, SRSG of UNMISS and Principal Security Advisor, Graeme to take Nikolay Kovalev of Russia at all cost disregarding all rules.”  Now as the first in a series about the decay and corruption of UN Security under Guterres and Michaud Inner City Press is today reporting that this same Mitrokhin as one of the many war criminals he has promoted in the UN got Abi Samra the job in Jordan….

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