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UN Guterres To Portray His Lunch With Trump Chooses Retiree Back From China Junket

Photo Gallery By Inner City Press - Sat Sep 28, 10:10 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, CJR Letter PFTrackerUN GATE, Sept 25 – How corrupt is the UN under Antonio Guterres? For the UNGA heads of state luncheon, among the press pool selected by Guterres’ propaganda chief Melissa Fleming were among others an essentially retired landlord journalist just back from a junket with the Chinese government, Giampaoli Pioli. Meanwhile Inner City Press which reported on Pioli renting one of his many Manhattan apartment to a Sri Lankan war criminal was banned from even entering the UN by Guterres and now Fleming.  There is no transparency in Guterres’ UN, as to to whom he doles out and takes favors. But a publication in Portuguese reported as if to promote them who was in Guterres’ pool of scribes. It’s not something to be proud of.  Other disgusted correspondents, who in order to remain in the UN say nothing but leak to Inner City Press outside, sent along a ghoulish photo of Guterres. It was label Xinhua, Chinese state media, which was not even listed in the pool. They are apparently now in-house at the UN under Guterres. And this text pool report that Guterres “raised his glass of red wine and clicked glasses with Trump….

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