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Civil war threatens Republicans over Donald Trump

By news - Sun May 08, 5:01 pm

The Republicans stood on the brink of civil war over Donald Trump’s presidential candidacy on Sunday as the billionaire businessmen issued an implied threat against the party’s congressional leader for not supporting him as its nominee.

Mr Trump refused to rule out punishing Paul Ryan, speaker of the US House of Representatives, by unseating him as chairman of this summer’s Republican national convention in Cleveland, where he is expected to be officially anointed.

Speaking on NBC’s Meet The Press programme, Mr Trump said he had been “blindsided” by Mr Ryan’s refusal to endorse him despite his runaway victory in the Republican primaries.

“Three weeks ago, he called me and he was supportive it was amazing. I never thought a think like this [would happen],” Mr Trump said.

Mr Ryan became the latest in a series of party heavyweights to come out against Mr Trump’s maverick candidacy last week when he was said he was “not ready” to support him, although talks between the pair are continuing….

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