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On Sri Lanka UN Guterres Used FP To Lie While Banning Press Now Called Out From Colombo

Photo Gallery By Inner City Press - Fri Sep 27, 7:57 am

By Matthew Russell Lee, videoUN GATE, Sept 26 — After covering the UN’s failure on Sri Lanka, from the bloodbath on the beach through accepting Shavendra Silva as a UN Peacekeeping adviser, Inner City Press was roughed up and banned by Secretary General Antonio Guterres. FP said nothing.  In February 2019 when Silva became Army Chief of Staff, Inner City Press puts in among its written questions to Spokesman Stephane Dujarric a question on this. Despite Dujarric’s on camera promise to answer Inner City Press’ written questions, no answer. In August when Silva was further promoted, Inner City Press asked again and again in writing, including to Guterres new chief of “Global Communications” Melissa Fleming. No answer; Fleming banned Inner City Press from the UNGA week.  Now Dujarric’s office has handed a claim, quite possibly not true, to his teacher’s pet FP, long time correspondent Colum Lynch and DC-based Robbie Gramer. Neither ever wrote a word about Guterres using UN Security to physically rough up Inner City Press and ban it 450 days since. They call this a scoop, when it is just spoon feeding for those who want to feel good about the UN.   On the morning of On Sri Lanka, please immediately explain why your Office refused to answer weeks of questions from Inner City Press about the impact of Shavendra Silva being made head of army (despite Dujarric on camera promise, and Smale’s written promise, to answer ICP’s questions) then handed the answer to FP and how that doesn’t make FP the UN’s teacher’s pet?…

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