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Reading Rajini three decades after her assassination

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Rajani’s protest was against all parties, irrespective of whether a state soldier or an LTTE cadre – whose actions entangled in the brutal armed conflict where the lives of ordinary civilians were placed at risk and misused as human shields for narrow political purposes.

“Rajani did not get accustomed to grief or fear. She was heartbroken when students went missing and cried at the stories she heard. She cried from fear as well. I fell asleep so many nights, listening to her tears. The next morning she would be bright, brave, determined and hopeful. She taught me courage coexisted with vulnerability, kindness and sensitivity. She had empathy and generosity for nearly everyone she met, except powerful people who turned their face away.

“As a medical doctor, she would go and treat anyone who needed her, whether they were her enemies or not. she was their doctor….

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