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Inner City Press Asks IMF About Zimbabwe and Human Rights But Is Directed To Bilateral Creditors

By Inner City Press - Thu Sep 12, 10:38 am

By Matthew Russell Lee, CJR PFT NY PostNEW YORK CITY, Sept 12 – When the International Monetary Fund held its biweekly embargoed media briefing on September, Inner City Press submitted six questions including on Zimbabwe, Somalia, Sri Lanka, austerity, the DRC, the Marshall Islands and crypto-currency. The IMF answered one, on Zimbabwe (unlike the UN), but not entirely satisfactorily.  Inner City Press asked the IMF: “On Zimbabwe, please confirm or deny IMF’s Patrick Imam saying that “it is clear, compared to the projections of the original SMP, which did not foresee the severity of the drought and its secondary impact, nor the electricity shock, that growth is almost certainly going to be revised downwards and inflation upwards compared to the original SMP forecasts.” And what is the IMF’s view of the (economic) impact of the crack down on protest and human rights defenders?”  Spokesperson Gerry Rice said that the IMF team is in Harare, from September 5 to 17. On human rights, he said the IMF “focuses on economics” and that such questions should be directed to… bilateral creditor. At least he didn’t say the UN, which doesn’t care. Here are Inner City Press’ other questions to the IMF:On Somalia, please provide a read out or response to reports that Somali Minister of Finance Abdirahman Duale Beyle met officials from the IMF  Addis Ababa to discuss the fourth phase of the Somali pardon program.On Sri Lanka, what is the IMF’s response to Independent Expert on foreign debt and human rights, Juan Pablo Bohoslavsky, sayins that in Sri Lanka, there are concerns at the significant rise in the value added tax, given that the brunt of such taxes is often borne by the poorest?…

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