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On Sri Lanka Shavendra Silva as Army Commander Inner City Press Asked Guterres Now His Fleming Too

By Inner City Press - Mon Aug 19, 8:49 pm

By Matthew Russell Lee, CJR PFT Lanka
UNITED NATIONS GATE, August 19 – Shavendra Silva who play an oversized role in the 2009 Sri Lanka war crimes dubbed the bloodbath on the beach has now been named Commander of the Army by Sirisena whom UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres has praised, Guterres was very slow in making any comment, despite or continuing the UN’s shameful history on Sri Lanka including pulling out and allowing and covering up the slaughter in 2008 and 2009.   Guterres, now missing for 17 days on an unexplained vacation with his spokesmen refusing to answer any questions from Inner City Press which they have banned for 411 days, even on rapes by UN Peacekeeping. Silva was allowed for a time to advise the UN Secretary General on Peacekeeping and to  host a movie screening with the pro-Guterres correspondents group. Earlier this year Inner City Press asked Guterres, Alison Smale, Amina J. Mohammed and spokesman Stephane Dujarric, “January 29-3: On Sri Lanka, given the newly assembled evidence regarding Shavendra Silva, formerly UN Peacekeeping adviser now Sri Lanka Army Chief of Staff, how can the SG and USG Lacroix continue to deploy Silva’s troops as peacekeepers? What vetting is taking place? What is the SG’s and USG’s comment and action on this individual as chief of staff of an army the UN has been taking troops from?” There was no answer then; now the question has been submitted to a wider UN group including Guterres’ Global Communicator Melissa Fleming. Watch this site, and see ITJP’s dossier.  Back on February 7 Dujarric read out a statement including: “I’ve been asked about recent statements made in Sri Lanka regarding UN peacekeeping……

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