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India’s worsening drought is forcing doctors to buy water for surgery

Photo Gallery1 Photo By Bloomberg - Tue Jul 09, 10:22 pm

Indian workers collect water from the Puzhal reservoir on the outskirts of Chennai. (AFP pic)

NEW DELHI: Along with other doctors in Indian cities facing unprecedented water shortages, T.N. Ravisankar in Chennai is praying for rain – and soon.

Treating patients will “depend on God’s mercy” if water supplies in India’s fourth-largest metropolis aren’t replenished shortly, said Ravisankar, the chairman of Sudar hospitals, a chain of four clinics with 150 beds.

Piped water at his hospitals has already dried up, and even the more expensive water trucks he now relies on may be unavailable soon in the state of Tamil Nadu.

“The cost escalation will have to be passed on to patients, who will have to spend more,” Ravisankar said….

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