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Refugees of Indian Origin in Tamil Nadu- Landmark Judgement

By Unknown - Mon Jul 08, 7:44 am

Fearing that they will again be compelled to return to Sri Lanka the refugees approached the High Court for judicial remedy.
by V. Suryanarayan
Justice G. R. Swaminathan of the Madurai Bench of Madras High Court delivered a welcome judgment on June17, 2019 which will have far reaching repercussions on the future of nearly 29,500 refugees of Indian Tamil origin, who are staying in refugee camps scattered throughout Tamil Nadu. In this significant judgment the Honourable Judge has instructed the Government of India to consider the applications for conferment of Indian citizenship on these refugees.
The 65 applicants are living in Kottapattu camp in Tiruchi district. They had submitted applications for Indian citizenship to the local authorities. These applications were not forwarded to New Delhi because it was New Delhi’s policy not to confer citizenship on refugees. New Delhi subscribed to the view that when normalcy returns the refugees will return to their homeland….

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