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Sri Lanka president seeks to roll back his political reforms

Photo Gallery1 Photo By AFP - Sun Jun 23, 9:28 am

Sirisena was hailed by the international community when he introduces the reforms he is trying to roll back. (AFP pic)

COLOMBO: Sri Lanka’s President Sunday called for sweeping reforms to the country’s constitution that he introduced in 2015 to be rolled back, saying they are responsible for political instability.

Maithripala Sirisena said the 19th amendment to the constitution – which notably transferred some of the president’s powers to the Prime Minister and depoliticised key institutions – should be scrapped because it has led to a power struggle.

It “has triggered instability. There is no single leader,” Sirisena told a meeting in Colombo. “People believe that the president and Prime Minister are pulling in different directions.”

Sirisena came to power in 2015 promising constitutional reform carried out with the 19th amendment, including the reduction of the powers of the executive and giving greater authority to parliament….

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