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There is no “best of the lot” choice in Sri Lanka

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Sri Lanka has now come to a wholly different political phase, leaving the secluded, closed economy, opening into the world with absolutely no trade restrictions

Responses to my article yesterday (June 21) in the Daily Mirror (DM) titled “Heading for a Sinhala South presidential poll without Solutions” are many and as usual diverse. Meanwhile it has stirred some soul searching among concerned Tamil and Muslim Citizens who engaged with me to ask me what they could do in this crisis situation. They seem to feel, “not voting is a bad option.” They honestly feel minorities should unitedly go for the “best out of the lot” to prevent the “worst in the lot” from coming back.
Old those days when the country represented by respectable menSadly, while it is an impossible task now to convince the minority voters to poll en bloc as they did in 2015 January, this same argument used then in 2015 January served no purpose. In 2015 January, Rajapaksa was pre-determined as one who had to be ousted at any cost. That cost has become clearly unbearable and not worth, giving way to a Rajapaksa “comeback” in a far more polarised Sri Lanka. As I wrote in the DM article last Friday “…..there is no alternative to the Sinhala Buddhist homogeneity and hegemony that comes without any serious programme for improving the quality of life, even for the Sinhala South.” Within this crisis when everyone is competing for the Sinhala Buddhist vote, each trying to project himself (no woman candidate in sight) as the “best Sinhala Buddhist leader”, my question in the DM article was, “what difference is there between them (candidates) for the people to choose one out of them?…

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