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India clash is ‘must-win’ for Pakistan, says Gavaskar

Photo Gallery1 Photo By Reuters - Sat Jun 15, 7:51 pm

India great Sunil Gavaskar once tipped England to win the World Cup. (AFP pic)

BENGALURU: Pakistan will be the team under pressure in Sunday’s World Cup clash against arch-rivals India and will face a mammoth task to reach the semi-finals if they lose, according to former Indian batsman Sunil Gavaskar.

Pakistan have lost two of their four games and are eighth in the tournament standings. Their only win came against hosts England and their match against Sri Lanka was washed out.

“It’s a must-win game for them,” Gavaskar told the World Cup website. “If they don’t win tomorrow, it’ll be very tough.

“The fact it’s an old rivalry means it will be followed closely by the people of both countries, but Pakistan have had a bit of a stumble so far so there’s probably a bit more pressure on them….

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