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Islamophobia and Sinhala phobia in Sri Lanka

By Sri Lanka Guardian - Sat May 25, 11:48 pm

We, in Sri Lanka, have been living side by side yet, do not have enough intercultural knowledge about others. Buddhist children do not know anything about Islamic culture, Muslim children do not know anything about Buddhist culture or Tamil culture. Yet, we expect Sri Lankans must respect religious sentiments. 

All Sri Lankan communities have been living in fear for the last three weeks. This fear helps neither Muslim community nor Sinhalese community. It will take some years for this nation to recover from economic downfall and suffering due to all this unrest. I will briefly discuss the impact and implication of this fear both communities in this short article.
While British parliament is debating how to define the terminology of ‘Islamophobia’, some racist elements in Sri Lankan parliament are inciting Islamophobia attacks on innocent Muslim community across the country. Some racist MPs in Sri Lankan parliament have been inciting hatred and discrimination against Muslim community for sometimes now. Aluthgama attacks, Digana attacks and now Kurunegala attacks all did not come out of blue sky….

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