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Easter Day Bombings in Sri Lanka: Attack and aftermath

By Sri Lanka Guardian - Wed May 15, 12:05 pm

The shock and anger and, in some cases resignation, was palpable across the country, which has known peace for just about a decade after the Eelam wars.
by R.K. RadhakrishnanCourtesy: Frontline India
Two weeks after the deadly Easter Day bombings, there are more questions than answers in the island nation. But a determined civil society is rallying round to commence the process of healing.
Close to a fortnight after suicide bombers took Sri Lanka back to the state of siege that had existed for decades until the obliteration of the Tamil Tigers in 2009, a deafening bomb blast and the images of destruction it left behind are fresh in the memory of Jaffna-born Father Joy Mariarathnam, who gave the 8 a.m. Easter Sunday sermon at the Kochchikade St. Anthony’s Shrine in Colombo.
Fr Mariarathnam, who lived in Sri Lanka through the four Eelam wars, said that he was not able to sleep properly any longer….

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