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Disclosing details related to Mawanella incident

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by Latheef Farook

The unfortunate attacks on a Buddhist statue in Mawanelle was not something unexpected. Such an incident, likely to trigger violence against Muslims, was expected in view of the presence of global anti-Muslim forces in the island.

In an article in October 2018, I predicted such incidents may happen in view of the government policy of opening the country to global evil forces which have unleashed unprecedented violence demonizing Islam, invading and destroying Muslim countries and killing millions of Muslims.
In that article I explained how global anti-Muslim forces which destroyed ten Muslim countries, killed millions of Muslims and driven out around seven million Muslims to refugee camps to live in appalling conditions, are here. This include United States, Britain, France, Russia, Israel and India and China, persecuting Muslims in their own countries, besides their Saudi and Abu Dhabi collaborators.
These forces especially Israel and India’s RSS, parent body of ruling BJP, are entertained in Sri Lanka by ministers known for their hostility towards Muslims. So much so there were reports of VHP mercenaries opening an office in Vavuniya while some Tamil mercenaries went on demonstration in Batticaloa with Israeli flags shouting pro-Israeli slogans provoking Muslims.
Former Federal Party member Maravanpulavu Sachithananthan who calls himself Sri Lanka Shiv Sena chief together with Batticaloa TNA Parliamentarian Yogeswaran began a campaign in Jaffna against cow slaughter. Sensing the threat to Tamil-Muslim relations sensible Tamils crushed this movement at inception.
Presence of these forces is recipe for disaster as they are busy cultivating politicians, media, intellectuals and others brain washing them against Muslims….

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